Colorado Sprinkler Blowout and Winterization

colorado sprinkler winterization blowoutSprinkler blowout from $50 to $68

Swamp Cooler Shutdown available

Schedule your sprinkler winterization - Serving most of metro Denver and Highlands, Lakewood, Green Valley Ranch, Montbello, South Denver, and Aurora.

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I also drain the supply side pipes (if there is a drain plug accessible - if this is missing, I'll let you know and recommend what ought to be changed or added to ensure that your pipes will remain whole).

Draining Procedure:

To empty the backflow prevention assembly for protection against freezing, use the following procedures:

  1. Turn off the primary shut-off valve which provides water to the technique.
  2. Open all inlet and outlet drain valves on the method. Open inlet and outlet shut-off valves on backflow prevention assembly and all testcocks. Leave in half open / half closed (45° degree) position to allow for full drainage of ball valve shut-offs. See ball valve draining procedure.
  3. Should you "blowout" the piping method downstream of the backflow prevention assembly, be sure the outlet drain valve is open and the backflow prevention outlet shut-off valve is closed.
  4. Connect an air line to the outlet drain valve and introduce air of adequate volume to clear downstream method of water.
  5. Important: Open outlet shut-off valves towards the backflow preventer assembly (C and D) to a half open / half closed (45° degree) position right after "blowout" process is complete.
  6. Leave all drain valves , testcocks and ball or gate valves to backflow preventer in a half open / half closed position for the winter to prevent freezing.